[ Trailer HYALINE – Wearable Sculptures ]

DICK BAG #2 – ‘Hyaline’, 2020

The ‘Hyaline’ body bag sculptures are made out of a transparent material to highlight the importance of equal representation and visibility. The bags support their vision that ‘sex’ can be seen as an interchangeable, wearable accessory, something that the wearer can play around with.

Moulded on a diverse range of real body types and depicting various types of genitalia,
the sculptures are meant to be as inclusive as possible and celebrate the distinction between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’.

Special thanks to Hanne Gaby Odiele for their strong contribution to the Body Bag Sculptures:

“The world is slowly reawakening to the understanding that sexuality and gender are on a spectrum and that sex is as well. Everyone’s body reacts to and produces hormones differently, and everyone’s genitals are unique. While these sculptures could celebrate our colorful differences, for many intersex people, this is not our reality. Intersex children in Belgium and all over the world are still subjected to non consensual irreversible genital mutilation at the hands of the medical establishment.

This potentially traumatic treatment often, if not always, produces life long physical and mental health complications. The surgeries which I speak of are cosmetic and meant to “normalize” our bodies by forcing them to adhere to a binary standard of “male” and “female”. As much as I want to celebrate our physical differences, it is triggering for me, a person who has been denied the right of bodily autonomy. I cannot let that go unaddressed.

Thankfully my anatomy does not define me, and being able to live openly as an intersex person has freed me from the constraints of a binary that I was never meant to fit into. I’m proud to be intersex and would not want it any different. That said, I want to live a world where intersex children can grow up free from this harm and all intersex people can fully celebrate their beautiful and perfect intersexy bodies. “- Hanne Gaby Odiele

The body bag is handmade and should be treated as a sculpture.
It’s an edition of 5 that comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Size: W: 19 cm x H: 15 cm x D: 10 cm
Material: Epoxy, Nickel-plated metal

Edition: 1/5 + 1AP