Stef Van Looveren (1992) is an Antwerp based multidisciplinary genderfluid artist. They studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, London and Sint Lucas, Antwerp.

Stef Van Looveren’s practice translates itself into video installation, photo, sculpture and performance. Van Looveren uses the installations as an attempt to reflect and dismantle the performativity of our human behaviour, primarily within the notion of gender. Playfully mimicking our social conducts along with visual culture, their work moves towards a surreal gesture.



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  • 🤍🖤 Mini Betsy PUSSY bag @betsyjohnson_ 🤍🖤
  • 💧💧💧
MINI DICK BAG - W: 17cm  x H: 14cm  x D: 10cm
  • Yesterday was #transdayofvisibility, today should be no different. 
#tb 2 years ago this day I was working on what became my first DICK, PUSSY, ASS bags / portable sculptures. Shown at the @antwerpart pavilion in 2018. Questioning our sexed body and how to navigate it. Opening up a space to playfully rethink the evolving meaning and possibilities of our body, celebrating diversity and the distinction between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ ( translated into DPA bags ), that ultimately evoke and desire to reclaim your own.
  • Arming up to stay at home.
  • Queen of Hearts
  • 🔥 PUSSY BAG 🔥
Honestly this is why I do what I do. As a young Artist you easily get stuck between 4 white walls where often only a selection of people see your work - we all know what that feels like in the present - When the goal is to open up the discussion to ALL, in order to understand one another more effectively. I’m glad my DPA bags are a playful part of my practice that can become a tool to share these serious and political topics. Hopefully help turning them into broader public conversations by celebrating the distinction between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ through a bag/sculpture. Thank you @ninamounah for the opportunity to combine strengths. Couldn’t be more proud. #ashlee for president PERIODT #lol
  • Models teaching you how to keep distance these days 🦇🦇🦇🦇
Strutting the Dick, Pussy & Ass bag sculptures made for @ninamounah Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 show, featuring @ivo_balde @yandijiang @iamaideandrelino @pasteldechata @thaisborges & @iampatrickmason phenomenal ASS! Sound on for @odetetheslayer 🖤
  • REAL ASS 🦇
For @ninamounah Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 show
  • Fave backstage images from my collab with @ninamounah Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 show by @teampeterstigter up on @purplefashionmagazine 🤍 Mini DICK bag
  • Fave backstage images from my collab with @ninamounah Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 show by @teampeterstigter up on @purplefashionmagazine 🤍 PUSSY bag / clutch edition
  • Fave backstage images from my collab with @ninamounah Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 show by @teampeterstigter up on @purplefashionmagazine 🤍 pearl DICK bag / clutch edition
  • CORONA BE LIKE #stayhome
  • MEDIUM PUSSY BAG - W: 25cm x H: 19cm  x D: 14cm - 😈
  • Medium INTERSEX bag for Ninamounah Complete Metamorphosis PT.2 show